REO Brothers in concert

I recently joined the Rotary Club Iloilo South. It seems like a good group of folks and they do a lot of charity work. While I was attending meetings, to see if I… Continue reading

Hearts of Banana

  I love trying new foods, and my wife knows this. Well she came up with a good one for me – banana hearts! We had banana trees at our old bamboo house,… Continue reading

American Legacy Pop Culture Food

When I went to the Iloilo Comic Con I wrote about the American Legacy Pop Culture Food booth. ( They were cooking a small, p50, burger ($1.25 USD). I was talking to the… Continue reading

Philippines household electrical

I generally prefer to make blog entries showing off my vacations and laughing at you schmucks still working for a living.   But a friend asked for a video about the electrical system here.… Continue reading

Finally, some culture shock

Wow I still am amazed sometimes by the differences! I have traveled a fair amount in my life and seen many cultures. After a while you think you got it down pat. Then… Continue reading

The Wedding

You may have seen my earlier blog about getting engaged. Well we finally got around to getting married! The Philippines requires foreigners to get a “Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage” from the Embassy.… Continue reading

Filipino Art

This post is not really about anything I am doing.  It is a collection of Filipino Art, mostly by Fernando Amorsolo.  When I collected these pieces I did not pay attention to where… Continue reading

Iloilo Comic Con 2014

    I almost missed the comic con! I had heard nothing about it but a local magic club posted on their Facebook page that they would be attending, and performing, at the… Continue reading

Mandurriao Apt

Well, we have been in the new apartment for 6 weeks. I guess it is time to talk about it some. The house out in Oton was nice for a while, but there… Continue reading

Tuko Lizards

  Living in Hawaii we were used to geckos living in the house with us. They were small, quiet and ate bugs. Kind of like kids, before they learn to talk. Not a… Continue reading

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