USS Fletcher 1:350 Scale Dragon Model

This post is not really Philippines  or expat related – but it is hobby related.  And I got to do something with my time, right?  I served onboard DD-992 USS Fletcher from 1989-1993. … Continue reading

1st Annivesary. Reality v Expectations

Your problems, your fears, your flaws, and all of your positive traits go with you no matter where you are.  Going abroad may be the answer for some or the beginning of the… Continue reading

Valentines at Boracay – and a Marriage Proposal

Valentines is coming up so time for a trip.  It is the one year anniversary of me arriving in the Philippines and of meeting Melane.  So I want to go back to Boracay. … Continue reading

christmas in Manila

Christmas in Manila I have a long list of places I want to visit. I have a very short list of places I do not want to go.  Manila.  I think that is… Continue reading

3 Month Catch Up

Well I have not posted anything in quite a while.  Got busy – got lazy – got distracted – who knows.  But it seems to have been 3 months since I posted.  Sorry. … Continue reading

Men are pigs!

“Men are Pigs.”  “You guys are only there for cheap sex.”  These, among other things, are often said by people who have no idea why someone would move 8,000 miles away from home. … Continue reading

My Philippine Budget

I have been trying to post about my fun day trips, and multi-night mini vacations.  But people have asked about some of the more boring day to day life.  So I posted the… Continue reading

My new site counter toy

I found a new counter that shows flags of where the visitors are from.  I am just playing with it and looking at the various display options.  I have one the small ones… Continue reading

Visa Extensions – Iloilo

When researching my move I was very concerned about the visa process.  Some countries allow you stay as a permanent tourist easily, some don’t.  If you don’t follow the rules some countries slap… Continue reading

Reflections on my first 7 months

Well somehow I completely missed my 6 month anniversary over here in the Philippines.  I had planned on a 6 month look back.  So last week in Boracay I realized it was the… Continue reading

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