Bacolod The City of Smiles

We wanted to get away for a bit but did not want to spend very much.  I’m still reeling from the Palawan price tag!  So we decided to take a long weekend and… Continue reading

Palawan and Underground River

Well this retirement in paradise is a tough life so it is time for a vacation. Melane says we are going to Palawan. Which is cool with me because it is on my… Continue reading

Racso’s Mini-Hotel & Wildlife Resort – Guimbal, Iloilo

We took a quick day trip to Racso’s in Guimbal. It is only 1 jeepney ride away from the house (my unit of measure: walk, trike, 1 jeepney, 2 jeepney, 3 or more… Continue reading

Mooching or sharing?

Mooching or sharing?     Ok, on first impression this may look like I am insulting the Filipinos.  And, in truth, in my first impression I was.  But after looking a little more… Continue reading

I made it to the PI’s!

Well I have tried to post this a couple times already.  I am typing on my little pos Nokia.  I type out a nice post and hit “submit” and when the page refreshes… Continue reading

Status Update

Ok, just a quick update for those not in the loop.  I have a closing date on the house sale.  6FEB13!  So as soon as I get paid for the house I am… Continue reading

Mail Forwarding Services

What does this picture have to with mail you ask?  Not a damn thing.  I just enjoy getting a mani/pedi.   And in the PI’s a mani/pedi is about $3!!! Handling mail from… Continue reading

Things to do – making a check list.

As you start planning your move there are tons of things to do.  Every day you think of more things.  As I was browsing various forums I found even more things I had… Continue reading


So in retrospect I would recommend that you actually sell your house before you quit your job.  Yeah, I know… it’s a no brainer… but I got no brains ha ha!  

Bogart The Explorer

While researching the Philippines I came across a great YouTube channel.  FrontActHecklines – it is the home of Bogart The Explorer.   Bogart explores the PI’s and shows us many dangers you may encounter… Continue reading

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