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My Travel Essentials

I have been trying to think what to use this blog for, as I mostly vlog now. If you have not checked out my channel – you should.  I am much more active… Continue reading

Tito Tim’s Tulong

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~Helen Keller~             One of the things many expats notice first, in the Philippines, is the abject poverty.… Continue reading

Ok… I will call it a “diet”

26FEB2017 I just decided to make a weight loss blog. So this will be my only weight loss entry on this blog (maybe ha ha). Feel free to come visit at: https://tukaspot.wordpress.com  … Continue reading

Stuffed bitter melon – a culinary experiment

I found a bitter melon in the veggie drawer of the fridge. It was still good, and it was almost time for dinner… so… time to experiment.  When my wife is away –… Continue reading

Bong’s Arroz Caldo – an Iloilo favorite

Arroz caldo is a Spanish name for a Chinese rice congee, made in the Philippines.  Congee is kind of a gruel… without the dungeon that implies ha ha.  A thick, hearty rice soup.… Continue reading

13a Visa application

CONVERSION TO NON-QUOTA IMMIGRANT VISA BY MARRIAGE (PROBATIONARY) – 13a  We got married 2 years ago.  Before that, I had been doing the 2 month renewals on my tourist visa. The tourist visa… Continue reading

Cassava Cake

My wife wanted to make some cassava cake for her birthday (and our 2nd anniversary).   I had fun watching her make it.  I have had cassava cut up and boiled, as a side… Continue reading

Budget v Actual Spending – March 2016

Budget March 2016 It has been a while since I tracked my spending.  It is a real pain the butt to write down every peso, so I do not do it often.  I… Continue reading

Bulabog Putian National Park

  Every year, for Easter, the family wants to go somewhere way too crowded.  One year we went to the island of Guimaras and climbed a hill to a big cross.  Not so… Continue reading

Hong Kong & Disneyland

  We needed to leave the country so I could get a balikbayan stamp in my passport. More about that fun here:  https://expatinphilippines.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/traveling-for-a-balikbayan-stamp We decided a trip to Hong Kong was in order.… Continue reading

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